Asher Linburg

CEO of Ashstar Photography Design LLC
Traveling Photographer & Graphic Designer
Based in Minneapolis, MN (Moving to Hawai'i end of Sept.)

"...let your light so shine before others..."
Matt. 5:16

I am a born and raised Hawai'i girl that grew up loving the ability to be surrounded by not only paradise but also people of every ethnicity. Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of being an artist and now I am. I find it amazing that God was able to put that dream into my eyes at such a young age. I moved to Minnesota in 2014 and it is quite a journey to see how different the way of life is here compared to Hawaii. Since then, I have learned so much with growing my business, meeting new people & expanding my work. Now that I am back in Hawai'i (2021), I want to continue where I left off but now with more knowledge.

I started Photography in Middle School (2003) when I bought my first camera, a small compact camera. Believe it or not I started with something so small and graduated to now a Canon Rebel T3i. I love being able to capture a moment in time and then go back to that moment by looking at the photo again. Within every place or person there is a story still being written and I love being able to capture that story as it unfolds!


I started Graphic Design in 2012 while in College and to be honest, I was intimidated in the beginning. But God revealed my talent to me after I picked up the mouse and had creative ideas flow from my brain to the computer. I fell in love with something in me that I did not know existed. My life is my inspiration for every design. Every client I work with, I relate their life to what they want to accomplish. 


Every person’s story makes him or her unique and that makes them beautiful.


Since moving here in 2014 to Minnesota, it has been such a crazy and fun ride. But we have made a decision to move back home to Hawai'i and we are very excited! However, we will truly miss each and every client that we had the honor to capture and impact through the years! We want to thank each and every one of you. If you are inquiring about a wedding, we are always accepting bookings wherever around the world! So please feel free to fill out Wedding Questionnaire!

We are still taking bookings up until the last week of September so I encourage you to get in one or two last photo sessions in while you can. We would LOVE to see you one last time! See my bookings on my website to get your open spot today!

Mission: Capturing Moments & impacting lives.


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Based on Oahu, HI


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